Hopefully, these ten simple things may help someone with family, friends, and partners. Sometimes the smallest things that make a difference are forgotten.

Everyone is different, depending on life circumstances some things may trigger others, but these are the things I wish people would tell or ask me when I’m…

Feeling unwanted by society. Halted by a bypass I lose hope for a destiny. Broken as the hollow tree that lies in front of me.

Aging like lichens. Frozen like ice.

Stricken by frost on a rose in the early morning spring.

Left untouched, melting away I feel nothing.


Dear, be who you are. Follow your heart. In your innermost rhythm, I’ll be. Your eyes will follow your feet

Come out from the clouds. Those tears are not from feeling proud, and I’ll tell you it’s okay because I hate to see you feel this way.

Your perfect who…

When she and her father went camping she would look through a piece of glass and see what her father pointed the telescope at in the night sky. What she saw she thought was amazing.

Knowingly, as she grew older he knew she’d lose her innocence. She’d lose her way…

I’m a coloring book. Inside of me is a person in black and white for someone to fill in me.

Parents give it to kids as gifts, but nobody questions if the person inside the book has light skin, dark skin, or somewhere in between.

I’m a person who has…

We want to feel like we belong. That we are loved, and that we fit in.

Me and my cousins daughter two years ago.

I am fortunate to have an immediate family, extended family, and a couple of friends, but the thing is for most of my life regardless of…

Living life with no motivation seems to be a common reoccurrence. Here are some tips to help have a productive life while not having motivation.

It’s been a long winter and overall a terrible year for my constant lack of motivation, sadness, and depression that has been bringing me down…

I didn’t know this was how I’d end up living my life. When you lose the things and people you love you learn what’s most important.

The magic trick

When you see a magic trick isn’t it so much fun to have no idea how the magician did the trick? If you instantly…

When we write. We are writing about something that holds value. Something that the reader wants to read to improve their lives in many ways. We want to learn from each other as well as relate. What’s most important in life though aside from writing is our quality of life.

Quality of life

If you’re an owl you hoot. You probably are trying to defend your territory or some shit, or maybe your looking for your mate that never shows up because you didn’t try hard enough to meet that special someone.

Whatever your reason for your hoot comes the toot. …

Cory Rer

Expressing myself through storytelling. Peer support writing. Mental health warrior. Outdoors lover. Wakanda forever!

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